To give you an idea of how different companies use DirectLink, we are happy to share our user cases.


Penha Duty Free is a chain of stores that offers tax-free shopping on a variety of products such as perfume, cosmetics, liquor, tobacco, and more. They have several locations throughout the Caribbean, with about 100 stores per island.

The company uses a central cash register system and also has systems for keeping track of personnel costs, stock, CRM, etc. This data has financial consequences for the administration and can be imported into Twinfield via the Data-Link.

Because Penha has transactions in multi-currencies throughout the various islands, it is efficient for the company to have the exchange rates automatically updated daily in Twinfield.

With the Bank-Link, the company can receive transactions in Twinfield and also make many payments at once by preparing payment files at the bank. Expenditures include rent, gas, water and electricity, other creditors and personnel.


Cabana Beach is a popular beach club and resort located in Curaçao. The beach features white sand, crystal-clear water, and a lively atmosphere with music, beach clubs, and the resort. Cabana Beach is part of Toucan Beach Resort, which contains Kontiki, Cabana, Mood and Wet&Wild the Cabana Beach Resort, which offers a variety of accommodations, including hotel rooms, suites and 3 beach clubs . There are also several facilities for example a shop and massage cabana’s.

Data comes from different sources:
– POS systems of the beach clubs and shop;
– Hotel registration system of the resort;
– The inventory system of the restaurants;
– Payroll systems for employees and so on.

This data can have financial consequences and is therefore relevant for accounting.
With Data-Link, Cabana imports relevant data from these systems into Twinfield.
DirectLink has already been in use since October 2018 for importing bank statements and for the preparation of the payment files of suppliers. This simplified the payment process a lot and also minimalizes error in payments.
Recently the new feature imports in Data-Link has been prepared for use, when one of the systems was updated and had new possibilities to do so. This simplifies the import of daily financial information.


Accountancy firm

An accountancy firm uses DirectLink to transfer data from different administrations.


A fish wholesaler in the Caribbean has to deal with payments in different currencies. With DirectLink, the exchange rates are updated daily in Twinfield

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