Automate Exchange Rates

If your company works with different currencies, it is more efficient and reliable to work with our link.

DirectLink ensures that exchange rates are automatically updated daily in Twinfield. The link can be set up per administration. You can easily turn the link on or off yourself.

Reduce remittance errors and calculate with reliable exchange rates from a standard source.

Pricing Caribbean Region

 Start FeeBank-LinkCurrency-LinkData-Link
LoginUSD 25
Per LinkUSD 5USD 5USD 10

Monthly – *ex VAT if applicable

Pricing Europe

 Start FeeBank-LinkCurrency-LinkData-Link
LoginEUR 24
Per LinkEUR 4,50EUR 4,50EUR 9,50

Monthly – *ex VAT if applicable

Direct-Link has no setup fees!
We have video instructions, a knowledge base and more information to help you with the integration.
Also one of our consultants can help you create the connection.

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