Insights in Relevant Data

Many companies work with different systems for their business processes. Think of; CRM, personnel, inventory, production or sales.

A lot of this data is also relevant for your accounting. With our Data-Link you can import this data into Twinfield without errors and faster.

Our link between different software programs generates a range of new information about your company. This creates more insight into relevant data.

Data is the future.

To give you an idea of what kind of companies use what kind of business systems, we have made some examples.

For example, at a medium to large company, it can be estimated that these companies use many systems for all their processes. But a ‘small company’ also has to deal with data. Just think of catering, hotels, barbers and retail.

Businesss systems

With Data Link you ensure that all relevant data is in Twinfield and that this provides a complete, reliable and up-to-date picture of your company. The bookkeeper is happy because the data is imported into Twinfield in an effective, efficient and fast way.

Company and accountant stand ‘hand in hand’ for a long and reliable relationship.

Fill in this layout yourself with your accountant.

Some features:

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Pricing Caribbean Region

 Start FeeBank-LinkCurrency-LinkData-Link
LoginUSD 25
Per LinkUSD 5USD 5USD 10

Monthly – *ex VAT if applicable

Pricing Europe

 Start FeeBank-LinkCurrency-LinkData-Link
LoginEUR 24
Per LinkEUR 4,50EUR 4,50EUR 9,50

Monthly – *ex VAT if applicable

Direct-Link has no setup fees!
We have video instructions, a knowledge base and more information to help you with the integration.
Also one of our consultants can help you create the connection.

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