We connect with DirectLink for accurate daily insights
& reporting in your Twinfield.
We connect your Twinfield
We bring clarity to the financial health of your business
so you can make stressless operational decisions daily.
We bring clarity
With DirectLink you automate your accounting and
prevent hours of work.
We encourage Efficiency


Why use DirectLink?

Be happy and be confident what you see in your Twinfield administration:

  • Realtime financial data for instant decisions
  • Self-service setup in minutes
  • Support and service focused on the needs of your company
  • Error proof data transfer between business systems

Financial Health Insights

Clarity in the financial health of your business to make sound operational decisions.
DirectLink helps you connect:

  • Currency rates
  • Point of Sale
  • Client Relation Management (CRM)
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Caribbean banks 
  • And many more to Twinfield!

Automate Your Accounting Processes

Reasons to automate your accounting processes:

  • Reliable financial information
  • Better cashflow management
  • Save time processing your administration

The Benefits of using DirectLink

Manage your Transfers with DirectLink and get …

  1. Better Cashflow management
  2. Stress free & Clear Finances
  3. Handsfree & Error proof Data Transfers

A Time Saving Add On!

Up to date cashflow

Headache free

Direct Linking systems


With our currency link, exchange rates are automatically updated in Twinfield. You can enable or disable this per administration.


Link easily other data to Twinfield. For example your CRM system, cash register system or your invoicing system.


Generate Pay & Collect files for the bank for the formats Twinfield cannot create. Connect your bank and receive daily insights.

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