Clearity About Financial Health

Our vision is to support entrepreneurs and employees of companies of all sizes, so that they can gain clarity about the financial health of their company. We do this by offering software to make accounting with Twinfield even easier, faster and error-free. We encourage efficiency and our mission is to use technology to improve the user experience every day and respond to customer needs.

Always developing

We focus on developments based on what we see and what our customers see. Think of the increasing availability of AI technologies, integrated systems, real-time reporting and mobility in use.


With our currency link, exchange rates are automatically updated in Twinfield. You can enable or disable this per administration.


Link easily other data to Twinfield. For example your CRM system, cash register system or your invoicing system.


Generate Pay & Collect files for the bank for the formats Twinfield cannot create. Connect your bank and receive daily insights.

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